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Solar cell scan

Solar cell scan is a search tool that will do search queries into solar cells published in peer reviewed journals. The search tool contains all solar cell data ever published until January 2012 as presented in the article: "The state of organic solar cells—A meta analysis". You can use the search tool to find all ITO free solar cells published, or see how the PCE has evolved over the years for P3HT solar cells. Use the plot tool to make plots of different solar cell parameters as you chose. We hope that you will find good use of the search tool.

Since the database is not complete new articles needs to be added. We will try and keep the database updated, but we also realize that the job of including all articles is becoming more and more complicated since the number of published articles are increasing each year. We therefore encorage everybody to contribute by using the add datapoint tool to include new data. If you find that your article is missing, you can add it yourself. (The add datapoint tool will be made avaliable shortly).



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