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A new low-cost, environmentally sound semitransparent electrode



DTU Energy Conversion has developed a new semitransparent flexible thin-film electrode, FLEXTRODE, for use in printed optoelectronic devices such as displays, touch panels, solar cells, organic LEDs etc. FLEXTRODE is developed as a substitute for the widely used but costly and environmentally unsound Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) electrode.

The Flextrode transparent conductive substrates are now available in large scale at Find further information on usage and fabrication in the right menu.

FLEXTRODE, in contrast to ITO electrodes, exist in several versions that employ little or no scarce elements, and is processed in the ambient atmosphere by energy- and cost-effective roll-to-roll processing known from mass production. This set-up allows FLEXTRODE to surpass the ITO electrode with respect to cost and environmental friendliness, and more important do so with an attractive and adjustable tradeoff between transparency and conductivity.

FLEXTRODE is, so far implemented in DTU’s polymer solar cells as a replacement for the formerly used ITO electrode. The replacement of ITO gives a massive reduction of the solar cell’s embedded energy and a corresponding shortening of the time the solar cell needs for earning back the energy invested in its production from years to days. For polymer solar cells replacement of ITO by FLEXTRODE means gaining on two accounts; better energy economics and no use of rare elements. Hereby a major impediment to large-scale deployment of polymer solar cell is ruled out. 



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